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Basic commands used in Linux

Hey Guys, I am a newbie to linux. So started learning linux. Here I am sharing basic commands which are required to perform basic operations in linux.

Common commands useful for beginners-
1. man - man command is used to display manual pages called "man pages" .  Manual pages provides detail documentation about commands and other aspects of the system, including configuration files, system calls, library routines and the kernal (core of OS).

e.g. $  man ls                                                  provides information about "ls" command.
Other commands line "whatis" and "whereis" can also be used to access information about maual pages.
whatis display description of a manual page while whereis  display location of manual page.

2. pwd- it is an acronym for print working directory. The basic use of pwd  is to find the full path to the current directory 
                 e.g $  pwd

3. cd- this command is used to change current …

Basics of LINQ

It stands for Language Integrated Query. By using LINQ we can query database using statements that are built into LINQ-enabled languages such as MS C# and VB 2010.
LINQ works with any collection that implements the IEnumerable or the generic IEnumerable<T> interface. The generic IEnumerable interface has only one method, GetEnumerator, that returns an object that implements the generic IEnumertaor interface. The generic IEnumertaor interface has a Current property, which references the current item in the collection, and two methods, MoveNext and Reset. 
The result of the LINQ query is assigned to a range variable called the query object. The data source is not touched until you iterate on the query object, but if you iterate on the query object multiple times, you access the data source each time.

LINQ Providers:
.NET framework comes with a LINQ to Objects provider. The LINQ provider work as a middle tier between the datastore and the language environment.
To create a LINQ provi…