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Reading RAW Images in .NET applications using C#

Sometimes the photos captured from cameras are saved in a raw format. The RAW files are not ready for editing with any bitmap editor. By default GDI+ in windows application do not support RAW file formats. So while reading a RAW image file in .NET we can get exceptions like "Out of memory". Here we will discuss method to read RAW image file in C# application.

Using DCRaw

dcraw is an open-source computer program which is able to read numerous raw image formats, typically produced by high-end digital cameras. dcraw converts these images into the standard PPM and TIFF image formats. Here is the sample in C# to extarct image from RAW file using DCRaw executable

string PathToDcRawExecutable = "C:\\DcRaw\\dcraw-ms.exe";
var _sourceImage = (Bitmap)Image.FromStream(GetImageFromRaw("c:\\testimage.ORF", PathToDcRawExecutable));

public Stream GetImageFromRaw(string inputFile, string dcRawExe)
    var startInfo = new ProcessStartInfo(dcRawExe)