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Load Json array using jQuery and javascript

Here is the script to load json array-

<head><title>Page Title</title><script src=""></script></head><body><divid="images">test</div></body>

var dictionary =[ {"id":"0","name":"ABC"}, {"id":"1","name":"DEF"} , {"id":"2","name":"PQR"}, {"id":"3","name":"xyz", "name2":"xyz2"} ]; $(function (){ for (var ke in dictionary ) { if (dictionary.hasOwnProperty(ke)) { var id = dictionary [ke].id; var name = dictionary [ke].name; //create a anchor element using id.//when user clicks on this id open data //related to this $('#images').append('<br/><div id="'+id+'&…

Convert class object to XML using C# in .NET

People is the class whose object needs to be converted in XML string which later can be stored in a DB field or as XML file.

publicclassPersonDetail { publicstring FirstName { get; set; } publicstring LastName { get; set; } } publicclassPeople { publicPeople() { PeopleList = new List<ProductImage>(); } public List<PersonDetail> PeopleList{ get; set; } }

Function to convert class object to XML string:

publicstaticstring SerializeToXml<T>(T value) { StringWriter writer = new StringWriter(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture); XmlSerializer serializer = new XmlSerializer(typeof(T)); serializer.Serialize(writer, value); return writer.ToString(); }
C# code to convert class object to XML string:

People peopleDetailList = new People(); PersonDetail pDetail = new PersonDetail (); pDetail.FirstName= "Vivek"; pDetail.LastNa…