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JSON serialization

In JSON we must explicitly need to put an attribute before each field that needs to be serialized. Also we need to put [DataContract] attribute before the declaration of the class. Here is the sample code JSON serialization -
[DataContract] public class Employee { [DataMember] private int empId; [DataMember] public string empName; public void SetEmployeeId(int id) { empId = id; } } 
If you want to ignore any field then simply do not put [DataMember] attribute in front of that property. To serialize an object to JSON we can use DataContractJsonSerializer class from the namespace System.Runtime.Serialization.Json. Here is the sample code for JSON serialization -
Employee emp = new Employee(); emp.SetEmployeeId(1); emp.empName = "John"; Stream stream = new FileStream("Emp.json", FileMode.Create); DataContractJsonSerializer JsonSer = new  DataContractJsonSerializer(typeof(Employee)); JsonSer.WriteObject(stream, Employee); stream.Close(); The JSON for the employe object is : { "emp…