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Smart Product designer

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Smart Product Designer is a  tool to create your own product and get directly from your website. It is well documented, very easy to customize and use. It is build using most advance technologies including javascript, jQuery and html5.
Features Choose different product from collectionAdd custom texts to product.Change text colorChange the size and font of the TextLet the user drag, move or remove elementsAdd images to product selected from art gallery or browse it from systemDesign both frontside and back-sideShows preview while designingDownload designVery easy to customize and useHere is the purchase link :

Paging in MS SQL Server 2005/2008 using ROW_NUMBER()

Sometimes we need to implement paging functionality in our database. We can use ROW_NUMBER() function for this purpose. ROW_NUMBER function is one of the ranking function of SQL Server. Here is an example of ROW_NUMBER -

ROW_NUMBER is used for assigning sequential numbers to the records of record-set. In the above query a sequel number is assigned to each record of the Employee table.

Here we have used following two clause -
OVER clause - It is used for specifying the ordering of records before assigning the sequence to each record.ORDER clause -  In order clause we define column or columns which is used to order the records in the record-sets. In our case we have used EmpId with ORDER clause, so first each record of Employee table is first ordered  according to EmpId and then sequence number is assigned to each record. *PARTITION cla…

Debug Java code in Java COM windows application. (Remote Java debugging)

Hi, I recently got the chance to setup Java debug environment for Java-COM based windows application. Here the vb6 code is used for showing the User interface of application while Java and C++ code includes business logic of the application. To fix some bugs in the application a debug environment was required which allows users to debug Java and C++ JNI code.

To debug C++, I used Visual studio attach to process method and for Java code remote Java debugging of eclispe was used.

Here is the details of process that I used to debug Java-

We need to implement following two steps -

Launch the application and tell the JVM that it will be debugged remotelyCreate debug configuration in eclispe IDE to debug application remotely. (in our case it is localhost)
Pass following argument to jvm -
-Xdebug -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=8998

The above code should be placed at the location where jvm is loaded in the code.
Here 8998 denotes the port and suspend=n will make sure …